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    Updated: Jul. 15 (08:45)
    Monthly Membership Meeting
    Teamsters Local 1149
    Teachers Union President Casts Doubt on Schools Reopening Full-Time
    Teamsters local 570
    Teachers Union President Casts Doubt on Schools Reopening Full-Time
    Teamsters Local 355
    Employers Break Labor Law But Get Away With It
    Teamsters Local 888
    2020 Teamsters Local 542 "Rick Aceves Memorial Scholarship" Recipients
    Teamsters Local 542
    Employers Break Labor Law But Get Away With It
    Teamsters local 570

    From the Desk of Secretary Treasurer Tom Quackenbush

    Every three to five years or so, the International, in Washington, sends an Internal Auditor out to each Local to do an extensive review to ensure there are no improper expenditures, failures to obtain approvals or other  violations  of  the  union’s  bylaws  and/or  the International Constitution. In the early spring, we endured our regular review and I am happy to report, overall it was very successful.

    The audit made me think about my position as Secretary-Treasurer over the last five years and thinking back, I have to admit, that in 2015, when I experienced my first Internal Audit as Secretary- Treasurer, I was a little nervous…. Not because I feared we were doing anything wrong, but more of a fear of the unknown. What did the audit involve? Was I going to be able to answer questions about the work of my predecessors? …etc. That first audit was long and arduous, but a great learning experience overall that tremendously prepared me for our  most recent audit.

    I learned the importance of maintaining good records with good back up documentation and I learned the importance of keeping the Board involved    in many decisions and discussions regarding our financial situation and where to  go  moving  forward.  The  Secretary-Treasurer’s  function  is  the  union’s administrative backbone. And for me, doing the job right is absolutely essential — not only because of the legal requirements concerning accounting, taxes and reporting, but also because it maintains our integrity  and financial health.

    I do, however, view the role of Secretary-Treasurer as much more than just “keeping track of the money”. While the title of “treasurer” clearly conveys my financial responsibilities, meeting with and working for you, our  members, and understanding your needs and how they are intertwined with the overall mission of our organization, is absolutely an essential part of being a good treasurer.

    I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the Secretary-Treasurer position of this Local is an important responsibility that I do not take for granted and I am honored to be able to serve.

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    Workers rely on themselves alone to form union
    Burgerville Workers Strike After a Shop With a COVID-Positive Employee Announces Plans to Reopen
    JBS Meat Processing Workers Stage Wildcat Strike
    How Covid-19 is impacting employment for older workers
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  • Tale of a Teamster going the extra mile
    Updated On: Mar 02, 2020

    Career opportunities are available to those that are willing to go the extra mile. Here is a great story about Bob Sitser a 30 year UPS Hudson Teamster that went the extra mile, and now is doing some serious miles.

    My UPS career started 30 years ago in May of 1989 in Hudson NY. I worked for 12 years on the preload, drove an air shuttle run for 7 years, was the international clerk for 10 years, then counter clerk for about a year , all of which was part time work.

    After our pension changed, I decided to go to a full-time position to finish out. Earlier in my career when the union offered a free commercial truck driving course, I went and took the class just in case I ever needed the license. So wanting to go full-time, that's the job I looked into.

    At first I was offered a cover driver spot. This wasn't a full-time bid job, and not something that I was interested in. At that time I was speaking to our Business Agent at local 294, Mike Degano. He said he was working on another full-time bid route out of our building. Since it was a good 10 or 12 years since I got my license and knew I was a little rusty.

    I spoke to Mike about taking a few refresher classes which they also help me with. After a few months I got the call that the bid job was materializing. A short time after that I was qualified and on the job, after 29 1/2 part time years, I'm happy to go full time for the remaining years and thank the Union hall for all of the help." -Bob Sitser

    Congratulations and great work Bob!

  • Teamsters Local 294

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