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Honor our Service men, women and Veterans.

Local 294 is proud of our fighting men and women, especially any of those who are members or related to our members.
 If any of our members has an immediate member of their family serving with the armed forces, and would like

 to see their name and photo posted on our Military Page  let me know. We would like to honor our service men and women with a page all their own. Please send me a photo if available, their name rank, branch of service, their relationship to you and where they are serving.  We would also like to include pictures of our members who have served in the past, either in war or peace time. So if you are a veteran please send in your picture. Please include the information posted above , also the years you served.
Thank You .     
Send to Local 294 Admin

10 shocking facts about corporate exploitation of America

Excessive corporate power is causing the standard of living to fall for 90 percent of Americans, according to David Cay Johnston, a Syracuse University law professor.

Johnston recently published a book called 'The Fine Print,' which describes how corporations get rules and regulations written in their favor so they can milk Americans, a penny at a time. A review of the book notes,

No other modern country gives corporations the unfettered power found in America to gouge cus­tomers, shortchange workers, and erect barriers to fair play. A big reason is that so little of the news . . . addresses the private, government-approved mechanisms by which price gouging is employed to redistribute income upward.”

In a recent interview with Alternet's Joshua Holland, Johnston tells us:

What big business -- and that’s those 2,600 companies which own 80 percent of the business assets in America – what those 2,600 companies have figured out, and their leaders have figured out, because people running these firms are very smart people, is that it is easier to mine Congress and the state legislatures for gold than to go out and earn it in the marketplace.

You are being systematically exploited by powerful corporations every day. These companies squeeze their trusting customers for every last cent, risk their retirement funds, and endanger their lives. And they do it all legally. How? It’s all in the fine print. 

Johnston shares 10 outrageous facts about how corporations rob American workers and consumers blind:

  1. 4.3 percent of the corporations in America own 80 percent of all business assets.

  2. The bottom 90 percent of Americans' average real income, as reported on tax returns, went up by $59 from 1966 to 2011 (adjusted for inflation and as reported on tax returns).

  3. For each extra dollar of annual income going to the bottom 90 percent of households since 1966, $311,233 went to households in the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent.

  4. Despite massive bank fraud during the oughts, there has not been a single prosecution of any significant person involved. During the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s, a federal regulator named Bill Black got 1,000 high-level felony convictions and 3,000 convictions overall.

  5. Over the past 50 years, The amount of federal corporate income tax receipts increased 764 percent. Personal  income taxes 2,540 percent. Social Security taxes rose 4,881 percent.

  6. In 2011 the average adjusted gross income of the vast majority fell to $30,437 per taxpayer, its lowest level since 1966 when measured in 2011 dollars.

  7. The pipeline industry rakes in $1 billion a year by collecting one penny from every American every day. It got itself exempted from the corporate income tax but still collects it from consumers.

  8. The average monthly cost for cable TV, phone and internet service in the U.S. is $160. In France it's $40 to $70.

  9. U.S. internet speed is 28th in the world, behind Bulgaria.

  10.  In 21 states, state taxes withheld from workers' paychecks can be kept by the company. Not every employer gets the windfall, but 2,700 big companies do. 








Spring 2015 News Letter

Voice of 294 Spring 2015 Edition
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For information about our CDL Training Program click on photo above.

Sysco and US Foods Workers United

 Coke settles labor dispute with dismised employee.

Apply for the James R. Hoffa Scholarship

About the Teamsters.
Founded in 1903, the Teamster
mission is to organize and educate
workers towards a higher standard of living.
There are currently 1.4 million members under 21 Industrial Divisions that include virtually
 every occupation imaginable,
both professional and non professional, private sector and public sector.

From the desk of President John Bulgaro

Local 182 votes to merge with Local 294

This past November Teamsters Local 182's members voted to merge with our Local Union. Local 182 is located in Utica, New York

and has approximately 1,400 members. This merger was approved in March by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters General Executive Board in Washington DC. The actual  date of the merger is May 1, 2014. Local 182 has some 70 contracts covering private and public sectors with a jurisdiction covering many counties in Central New York. They also have a very active retirees club.

We intend to work with the staff of Local 182 to make this transition simple and smooth for all the members involved. We will continue t
o have an office in Utica, NY to service the jurisdiction Local 182 represents. We are totally committed to representing and servicing every member and contract.

With this merger our Local Union membership will surpass 5,000 active members and several hundred retiree members. Not mentioning the jurisdiction which will encompass form as far south as Poughkeepsie to Syracuse, and as far north as Plattsburgh. This will empower us to work for improved jobs, wages, and * most importantly benefits for our members and their families. We want to rebuild the middle class by improving retirement security, health coverage and raise the standard of living for all our working family members.

Welcome new Members

Town of Cairo Ambulance
Town of Malta Maintenance
Teamsters Local 182

Moving?  Change of Address or Phone Number?

If you move or change your address or phone number please call the hall and let us know. This is important. We need your updated addresses and phone numbers so we may keep you posted on news and updates to insurance and  pensions etc.

Email Database

The local would like to maintain a email  and phone number database for our members and retirees. Please click on the link below and add your email  to our list. Please include where you work or if you are retired where you did work.   Thank You

Email Database Click Here

Withdrawal Cards


It is important to get a withdrawal card from the Local Union if you do not work and are not being paid by your Employer. This applies if you terminate your employment, go on unpaid sick leave, workers compensation, a leave of absence, are laid off, or for any reason you do not work and are not being paid by your Employer. Members must request a withdrawal card. Failure to request a withdrawal card will make you responsible for all back dues and possibly a re-initiation fee. Your request should be submitted before the end of the month in which you last worked. A withdrawal card allows a member to maintain his or her membership on an inactive basis. In other words, you will not owe union dues for any months you did not work after you obtain the withdrawal card. Additionally, this allows you to avoid paying a re-initiation fee when you return to employment.

You can request a withdrawal card by mail. Along with your request, please include fifty cents to cover the cost of the withdrawal card. Mail requests to:
Teamsters Local 294
890 Third Street
Albany, NY 12206

In order to be eligible for a withdrawal card, your initiation fees must be paid in full and your union dues must be paid current.

Union Dues: This Local Union is required to conduct an update of dues paid by members to be in compliance with the directives of the IBT Constitution (Article X, Section 5). All members are reminded that accurate and timely payment of dues is the member’s responsibility. If a member is on dues check-off, they must contact the Union Hall immediately to report any error in their monthly dues deduction.

What our members are doing.

If you have a picture of yourself  doing something we might be interested in seeing, please send a photo of yourself and whoever else is engaged in what ever,  hobby, charity, community project etc. Use your imagination and let the rest of the members know what you are interested or involved in. Send a photo and some explanation of what is going on, who, what, when and where?.  We would like to post it on our web site.  Thanks. To post something Click Here


Teamsters Local 294 helps in the Hurricane Sandy Relief. Click These Links.

Teamsters plugging away at Sandy relief; Red Cross...

December 16, 2012 Teamsters Local 294  Hurricane Sandy Relief Rockaway, NY

November 17, 2912 Teamsters Local 294 Hurricane Sandy Relief for Long Beach, NY

November 10, 2012 Teamsters Local 294 UPS Poughkeepsie Hurricane Sandy Relief























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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Scott Walker kills another 4,300 jobs

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March 28, 2014

Council Votes To Encourage End To CCTA Strike

Victory at Pasco County, Florida for Teamsters Local 79

Teamsters- The Deadline To Apply For A James R. Hoffa Scholarship Is March 31

Permanent Link to U.S. steelmakers accuse South Korea of dumping

NAFTA at 20

Still No Wage Agreement In Annapolis

Minnesota Unions Come To Dakotas' Aid

Mississippi Senate Gives Final Approval To 3 Anti-Union Bills

Hidden Cameras Catch Lobbyists, AZ Lawmakers Wining And Dining

Wisconsin GOP Heads Off Criminal Probe Into Corporate Election Spending By Trying To Make It Legal

The 67 People As Wealthy As The World's Poorest 3.5 Billion

Northwestern Football Players Win First Round In Union Battle

GOP States Are The Most Dependent On Government

Feds Tally Rollovers Of Payday Loans

Walmart Admits Profits Depend Heavily On Corporate Welfare

Labor unions saved Ford in our 'darkest' hour- Bill Ford

US Seniors Shafted By Inflation That Is 170 Percent In Excess Of Savings' Interest

A Government Computer Glitch Forced Thousands Of Families To Go Hungry

A Massive Chemical Plant Is Poised To Wipe This Louisiana Town Off The Map

March 27, 2014

Special City Council Meeting to Address Teamsters Strike Against CCTA

Teamster Drivers Strike  at CCTA Enters Week 2

Huge Teamster turnout at pro-worker, anti-RTW4Less rally in Missouri

The death of an employer scam

China loses trade dispute over rare earth exports

U.S. Steelmakers Push for Duties on Korean Rivals

Union groups rally against ‘right to work’ legislation at Missouri Capitol

Northwestern players get union vote

Fast Food Managers Prefer 'Stature' To Overtime Pay, Wealthy CEO Says

Almagamated Transit Union says overtime exemptions create 'Sweatshops on Wheels'

Koch Brothers Invade Tiny Iron County, Wisconsin

Global Horizons Found Liable For Thai Worker Abuse

Housing WatchdogSlams Massive Property Inspection Industry

March 26, 2014

Teamsters strike agreement with Calif. port carrier on drivers’ right to unionize

Beaufort County Bus Driver Reports Buses Unfit For Children

Japan, U.S. to discuss TPP tariffs this week in Washington

Several tech companies urge careful review in public of details in proposed TPP deal

Right to work bill on the Missouri House schedule

Teamsters to rally Wednesday as vote expected on right-to-work-for-less in Missouri

Lawyer hired by North Carolina in spill probe once represented coal firm

States, D.C. are told to clean up voter rolls or be sued; Judicial Watch counters Obama

Unemployed, and heading toward foreclosure

Goldman Sachs' Outrageous Scheme to Profit Off Jailed Young Offenders

The Death of an Employer Scam

Koch brothers attacks expanding

reports a top Democratic PAC is going to take aim at the brothers, too

Overwhelming Evidence that Half of America is In or Near Poverty

March 25, 2014

Pacific 9 Transport, Teamsters Reach Settlement on Organization Effort

Charleston School Bus Drivers, Community Speak Out About Safety Concerns

Philippines Engages US on TPP Membership

Charleston School Bus Drivers, Community Speak Out About Safety Concerns

Memo to USTR- Global governance deals cause US economic decline

Right to work is wrong for Missouri workers and businesses

Illinois working families face major threat with Rauner primary win

Document- JPMorgan Chase Bets $10.4 Billion on the Early Death of Workers

How you support the Koch Brothers (even if you don’t know it)

Union- Train operator in crash 'tired'

Chinese Wal-Mart Employees Protest Layoffs

Report- 22,000 mortgage workers fired in fourth quarter

New Lawsuit Alleges That Wells Fargo Has a Manual for Mass Fabrication of Foreclosure Documents

Wall Street Bonuses and the Minimum Wage

You call this a meritocracy- How rich inheritance is poisoning the American economy

March 24, 2014

CCTA, Teamster negotiations fail; strike extends into second week

At least two issues divide CCTA and striking bus drivers

The Disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership and Unconstitutional Fast Track Authority

GOP to push 'right to work'

Google, Apple, and Other Tech Titans’ Wage-Suppression Conspiracy Estimated to Cover One Million Workers

Why Electricity Costs Are Major Cause of Poverty in the South

Banker Deaths Leave Industry Concerned As Coroners Probe

Carter fears NSA is spying on his emails

March 21, 2014

Striking VT Teamsters Fend Off Binding Arbitration, Enjoy Support of Local Community, Gov’t

Conn. suffers losses under U.S.-Korea trade treaty

Tech Companies Urge Senator Wyden to Reject Fast Track and Bring Transparency to TPP

In Trade Talks, It's Countries vs. Companies

Rights group alarmed by Colombian port killings

New York law makes it illegal to misclassify truckers

Judge- Arizona can require proof of citizenship from new voters

Governors siphoning mortgage settlement money- It's disgusting

Pennsylvania among states to block food stamp cuts

Gov Haley fires back after machinists union opens office for Boeing employees

Koch Group, Spending Freely, Hones Attack on Government

Google Sued For Data-Mining Kids' Emails in Its Education App

This J.C. Penney Worker Was Fired For Telling The Truth About Its 'Fake' Prices

New Report- Fortune 100 Companies Have Received $1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare Recently

Residents Still Not Drinking Tap Water Two Months After West Virginia Spill 

NSA- Tech Companies Knew About PRISM The Whole Time

Bad news about American retirement

March 20, 2014

CCTA Strike Continues, Management Awaits Offer

Amboy School District Workers Ratify Teamster Contract

Teamsters Union- Hernando violated hiring process for fire chief

Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Would Deepen Income Divide

China Keeps Moving Forward While America Falls Behind – and We Are Doing Nothing About It!

Korea Trade Agreement – Exports Actually Decrease

“Right to Work” bill trying to gain steam in Missouri

Right-to-work is dangerous fraud

Gov. Cuomo Signs Bill Extending Effective Date of New Independent Contractor Law in New York

Thirty-nine Moral Monday Georgia activists arrested in daylong Medicaid expansion protests at the Gold Dome

Costly Loans Are Drawing Attention From States

McDonald's Reviews Wage Theft Claims As Workers In 30 Cities Protest For Overtime Pay

Fast-food workers get new ally in New York City fight for fair pay

Supremes Could Decide Sky's the Limit for Campaign Donations

Reports of the Death of a National License-Plate Tracking Database Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Expand Overtime Pay- GOP Says No

7-11 Clerk Says She Was Fired For Giving Freezing Homeless Man A $1 Cup Of Coffee

Woman Whose Boss Told Her ‘It’s Best You Go Home With Your Babies’ Won’t Get Discrimination Trial

The Law that Launched a Boondoggle- Gold for Executives, Contempt for Taxpayers

Toyota and Justice Department said to reach $1.2 billion settlement in criminal case

March 19, 2014

Teamster bus drivers at CCTA will continue strike

Teamsters- Ask Congress to Fund High Speed Rail and Amtrak

Pepsi Lays Off 60 Workers

Teamsters- Poverty Is Bad For Your Health

New Study Shows Dangers of Trade Agreements that Help Corporations Sue Governments

Korea Trade Agreement – Exports Actually Decrease

New York Settles With McDonald's Restaurants In Wage Theft Investigation

Calif. Gov. Brown takes swipes at GOP, praises labor unions

How Auto Dealers Are Muscling State Legislatures Into Barring Tesla Motors

The rich strike back

Southern California Port Truck Drivers Allege Labor Exploitation

Fifth financial executive with ties to JPMorgan found dead

Inside Low-wage Workers’ Plan to Sue McDonald’s — and Win

Union chief accuses SEPTA of trying to provoke strike

Amazon’s near sweatshops and awful conditions- It doesn’t have to be this way

The Shocking Ways Debt Collectors Are Hounding U.S. Military Service Members

Coalition Files Lawsuit Against Idaho Ag-Gag Law That Targets Journalism, Whistleblowing & Speech

2013 Was a Record Year For Oil-Train Accidents, and Insurers Are Wary

9 Retailers Closing The Most Stores

March 18, 2014

The TPP Tries to Put a "No Exit" Sign on America's Crapified Health Care System by Allowing Medical Procedures to be Patented World-wide

Fashion Faux Pas- Free Trade and Sweatshop Labor in Guatemala

Ohio Mistrusts Democracy

GOP Bill Designed to Disrupt John Doe Dark Money Probe, Court Filings Confirm

The Battle for Chattanooga- Southern Masculinity and the Anti-Union Campaign at Volkswagen

Pensiongate- Christie Campaign Donors Won Huge Contracts

Hunger crisis- Charities are strained as nearly 1 in 5 New Yorkers depend on aid for food

Low-Wage Workers Are Finding Poverty Harder to Escape

Wells Fargo foreclosure manual under fire

Obama auto rescue saved 2.6 million jobs and over $100 billion

March 14, 2014

Teamsters Host UPS Workers Union Network Meeting

Teamsters reject CCTA offer; bus drivers set to strike on March 17

Who is funding China's military rise- We are.

James P. Hoffa- U.S.-Korea Pact Shows the False Promises of ‘Free’ Trade

Administration Uses Data Omissions and Distortions to Try to Hide Dismal Korea FTA Realities

Europe and U.S. divided on trade issues

Again, Florida trying to restrict voter rights

The Real Story Behind the Detroit Pension Fight and What it Means to America's Future

McDonald’s Workers File Wage Suits in 3 States

Wall Street Bonuses Are Bouncing Back, While Everyone Else's Wages Are… Meh

Obama says it's time to change overtime rules

Study Proves Campaign Donations Buy Access

March 13, 2014

Teamsters- Just 19 Days Until the Deadline to Apply for a James R. Hoffa Scholarship

U.S. biz lobby says Japan’s TPP proposal not enough

How dependent on China is the U.S. military-

UAW- NLRB ruling in favor of anti-union VW workers 'an outrage'

Was LePage’s jobs proposal sincere or a union-busting ‘election stunt’-

Public Union Dust Still Settling in Wisconsin, Three Years After Act 10

It's Official- One Koch Brother Equals 515,000 Union Members

Still No Jobs for More Than 60 Percent of Job Seekers

My Life as a Retail Worker- Nasty, Brutish, and Poor

The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

March 12, 2014

Teamsters Back School Bus Drivers in Fight Against ‘Rampant’ Wage Theft

Teamsters Stand Up for Port Truck Drivers at Skechers

Teamsters Taxi Association Turn Up the Heat in D.C. Politics

UK Pension Funds Join With Teamsters Union In Submitting Resolution To National Express Annual General Meeting

NAFTA Report Warns Of Trade Deal Environmental Disasters

Trans-Pacific Partnership Reveals Deadly Cost of American Patents

Ford to Move Production of Large Trucks from Mexico to Ohio

Chinese components found in B-1 bombers and F-16 fighters

Pennsylvania GOP aims to end legal exemptions for unions

How the GOP ambushed the VW union election

Moral Mondays call for change

Vermont Governor Shumlin calls for wage increase

FBI investigating Idaho prison run by Corrections Corporation of America

Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay

Deal reached to protect retiree committee in Detroit bankruptcy case

5 reasons slaves still catch your seafood dinner

The Democrats Stand Up to the Kochs

March 11, 2014

Teamster bus strike off for now as drivers must vote on new CCTA offer

Teamsters Union starts negotiations with Cedar Falls schools

Lives at stake in TPP trade deal

Missouri Democrats Solidly Against 'Right To Work,' Less So Regarding 'Right To Farm'

Vermont Votes for Public Banking

SC wants to require food stamp recipients to work or be looking

Volkswagen sides with UAW on appeal

A Modern Day ‘Harvest of Shame’

U.S. network to scan workers with secret clearances

Chicagoans Want the Koch Brothers to Stop Polluting The City

Wal-Mart’s newest big lie- Another misleading ad campaign from a job-killing behemoth

MORGAN STANLEY- The Economy's Slow Growth Is Now Permanent

McDonald's Worker Claims Manager Told Her to "Put a Bullet" in Her Head

California Farmworkers Often Forced To Live in Squalor, Says Report

No consensus on how to notify data breach victims

US Plans to Speed Poultry Slaughtering, Cut Inspections

CPAC Presidential Straw Poll Picks Guy Who Thinks Whites-Only Lunch Counters Should Be Legal

March 10, 2014

Teamsters Thank Liam Neeson For Support Of Horse Carriage Drivers And Horses

Liam Neeson Leads Carriage Horse Stable Tour

Even the Chinese Can Tell the TransPacific Partnership is Unlikely to Get Done

How the Rich Became Dependent on Government Welfare

Wireless Bills Go Up, and Stay Up

After pledging transparency, PBS hides details of new deal with billionaire owner of NewsHour

US Postal Service Inspector General Proposes Launching Low-Fee Public Bank

Use of Public Transit in U.S. Reaches Highest Level Since 1956, Advocates Report 

March 7, 2014

Teamsters and Sarasota County agree on raises

A Cuomo-de Blasio Airport Partnership

Mayor de Blasio Falls Short on Job Approval, But Handled Snow OK- NBC4 Poll

a new Economic Policy Institute (EPI) report

Radioactive Imported Dog Food Bowls.

Conservative group Alec trains sights on city and local government

Miss. House passes bills meant to restrict unions

Republican Governor Will Protect His State’s Residents From Food Stamp Cuts

10,000 state workers still without back pay

Nebraska bill could benefit low-income parents

No, Connecticut’s History-Making Paid Sick Leave Law Did Not Hurt Business

Oklahoma House votes to make trooper dash cam videos public records

West Virginia House Passes Chemical Storage Bill In Effort To Prevent Future Spills

Real World Evidence That Increasing The Minimum Wage Doesn’t Cost Jobs

'Paycheck protection' is bad for unions, good for free-riding deadbeats

Bernie Sanders- ‘I Am Prepared to Run for President of the United States’

Meet the Company That Can Track Everywhere You've Been and Tell Police About It

New Report Says Rich Are Richer And Spending More Than Ever

March 6, 2014

PA Teamsters Stand Against Paycheck Deception Bill

Teamsters- Workers, Not the Rich, Need a Hand Up

USDA Ignores Food Safety, Hell Bent on Importing Brazilian Beef

Controversial anti-smuggling trade agreement between China and the United States renewed

Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. in Job Creation

State Supreme Court Moves to Consolidate Pension Law Challenges

What ALEC Has Planned For Ohio In 2014- Hurt School Districts And More Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

Federal investigators issue ‘scathing’ report on Indiana OSHA

Companies in U.S. Added Fewer Jobs Than Forecast in February

Researchers Suggest Banks Might Be Rigging Gold Prices

Booming Business at Alabama Shipyard Fuels New Union Campaign

More Than 2 Million Unemployed Workers Are Now Going Without Benefits

New Democratic Strategy Goes After Koch Brothers

Imposing a Starvation Diet on Government Programs Needs to End

Bernanke’s $250,000 fee for speech puts him near top of food chain

BP fails to get out of compensating oil spill victims

Frigid U.S. Weather Means Highest Power Prices Since ’08- Energy

Scary Emerging Scientific Consensus- There's No Such Thing as Safe Plastic

March 5, 2014

State with highest minimum wage leads nation in job creation

Teamsters Local 174 Members Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract at First Student

Spring Grove school board hears bus safety complaints

Daschle distorts NAFTA outcomes to sell TPP

Gibson joins labor, community groups to oppose TPP

The U.S. needs a stronger domestic supply chain in the event of an attack

Right-to-work among 12 Oregon ballot measures dropped

The story behind those communist China "right to work" billboards in Kansas City

How large corporations avoid paying income taxes in Wisconsin

McDonald’s to SEC- Strikes hurt, and we might have to hike pay

White House Suggests Social Security Cuts Remain 'On The Table'

Exclusive- Report Finds Taking A Paid Day Off When Sick Is A Privilege Of The Wealthy

Toyota Union Cites ‘Big Gap’ With Carmaker in Wage Talks

Sprint Accused of Overcharging Feds Millions for Wiretapping

“Retirement Security in an Aging Society,” or the Lack Thereof

March 4, 2014

Government report- Too few pilots or too little pay-

Lies Our Political Elites Tell Us As They Rip Us Off

Obama’s trade chief undeterred by opposition

Report- Privatizing government work reaps lavish profits for some

WI ALEC Leader in Hot Water over Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Wisconsin income gap widening faster than nation as a whole

Citi Affiliate’s Troubles Multiply as Money-Laundering Subpoenas Follow Fraud

Amazon workers look for justice from a business-friendly Supreme Court

Why Russia No Longer Fears the West

March 3, 2014

As TPP Opposition Soars, Corporate Media Blackout Deafening

While Duke Energy Dodges Taxes, Its Pollution Costs the Public Dearly

Thrown in jail for being poor- the booming for-profit probation industry

Deficit Is Falling Because Of Government Austerity, Not Economic Recovery

Discover Faces Investigation Into Student Loan Debt Collection Practices Amid Rising Delinquencies

Where Have All the Lobbyists Gone-

February 28, 2014

Teamster School Bus News

Liam Neeson- NYC Mayor Is a Horse Nazi

D.C. Taxi Drivers' Voices Are Being Heard

Teamster Tells Lawmakers How TPP Will Damage Workers

NPPC- Japan's Offer On TPP Unacceptable to U.S. Agriculture

Ending currency manipulation would create jobs

Protestors gather as Republicans unveil Right to Work legislation

Vermont Citizens Push to Form a State Bank, But Will Ratings Agencies Kill the Idea-

Household wealth still down 14 percent since recession

Underemployment Piles On Problems For Low-Wage Workers

February 27, 2014

Teamsters Hold Pipeline Stewards School

Hoffa Slams Job-Killing Pacific Rim Trade Deal

Wisconsin Justices To Decide On Criminal Probe Involving Their Own Campaign Donors

Illinois Considering Bill Mandating Students Learn the History of Labor Unions

Foreclosures Surging in New York-New Jersey Market

Florida woman living off the grid forced to connect to city utilities

Sen. Corker outs himself as a lying dirt bag on unions

Detroit public safety union leaders say pension cuts 'crippling,' 'unacceptable'

Bank Of America Faces Probe Over Federal Housing Program

House Republican unveils sweeping tax reform with focus on Wall Street

Permanent Link to Lawsuit- Attempted Entrapment of Activists by Military Officer & Further Evidence of Domestic Spying

February 26, 2014

Teamsters Local 722 Secures Three-Year Contract for School Bus Workers

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Contract Extended Until March 31

Mo. Republicans Fight for “Right-To-Work”

Credit Suisse 'cloak-and-dagger' tactics cost US taxpayers billions – senators

JP Morgan to cut 8,000 jobs in mortgage and retail

Bombshell Documents Vanish in the JPMorgan-Madoff Investigation

Democrats again delay Senate minimum wage vote

February 25, 2014

Here's 30 Billion Reasons Why Mexican Trucks Are No Joke

CCTA says it's open to continued contract negotiations with Teamsters

Academy Awards 2014- Workers Who Make Oscar Statuettes In Labor Dispute

Union- Detroit Restructuring Plan ‘A Gut Punch To City Workers And Retirees

This Is Your Brain on Poverty- What Science Tells Us About Poverty

Long-term unemployed describe lack of mobility, depression in personal stories

Wal-Mart and Other Retailers Consider Higher Wages

Worse than Wal-Mart- Amazon’s sick brutality and secret history of ruthlessly intimidating workers

Truckers- if Hampton Roads port traffic isn't fixed, work will stop

Missouri lawmakers considering payday loan changes

Trans-Pacific Partnership- No deal at Singapore meeting

In Missouri, Rand Paul says the GOP needs more people with tattoos

Woes of Megacity Driving Signal Dawn of ‘Peak Car’ Era

February 24, 2014

Wisconsin’s Legacy for Unions

Fast Track to Nowhere- America’s Failed Trade Policy

Most wanted drug lord captured in Mexico

You Need to Work at Least 67 Hours a Week to Afford Rent While Making the Minimum Wage

Detroit automakers worry about UAW money struggles

IMF Fires a Warning Shot at the Fed on Deflation

San Francisco Protesters Take Aim at Twitter’s Tax Breaks

February 21, 2014

Teamsters Local 326 Welcomes Law Enforcement Officers

Union still wants to organize Boeing's North Charleston workers, official says

McDonald’s workers’ horror story- 25-hour shifts and bunking in their boss’s basement!

McDonald’s fires employee for buying meals for firefighters working in the cold

Majority of port truckers misclassified, pro-labor groups say

Private Prison Firm CEO Collected $22 Million In Compensation Between 2008 and 2012

Despite Receiving Millions in Public Money, Private Prisons are Impenetrable "Bastions of Secrecy"

Walker Staff on the Mentally Ill- "No One Cares about Crazy People"

Massachusetts Highway Workers Unanimously Ratify Contract

Baltimore City School Bus Workers Win $1.25 Million Wage Settlement

Why privatizing toll collection is a horrible idea

Eight lies ‘advocates’ told about carriage horses

Judge strikes down Nebraska law that allowed Keystone XL pipeline

GOP’s Social Security disaster- Conservatives just lost their chance to cut benefits

Flu Deaths Rise Among Young and Middle-Aged U.S. Adults

New Report Exposes America's Highest Paid Government Workers

New Report- Port Trucking Companies Steal More Than $1 Billion in Wages From Drivers

Concerned Missourians Deliver More than 6,850 Letters Calling on Speaker To Drop ALEC's 'Right-To-Work' Legislation Attacks

Employers could pay less in lawsuits over unpaid wages

Chris Christie's Mansion Fund Collected Millions From Political Favor Seekers

SC guv says she wears heels to kick unions

Madoff said JPMorgan executives knew of his fraud- lawsuit

February 20, 2014

City of Santa Rosa's biggest labor group affiliates with Teamsters

Mayor Wants To Drive Horse-Drawn Carriages Out Of NYC

Why truck drivers are getting dinged on pay

VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions- labor chief

‘I’m sorry’ bill gets Assembly approval

Wal-Mart Says ‘Looking’ at Support of Federal Minimum Wage Rise

NSA, DHS drop parody complaint

Another Apparent Suicide Brings Financial World Death Toll to 6 in 2014

February 19, 2014

TPP Trade Officials Received Hefty Bonuses From Big Banks

After comment to Gov. McCrory, food store cook fired in Charlotte

Workers Shouldn’t Be Stopped from Voting -- Ever 

More workers take second jobs to bridge income gap

Low-Wage Workers Have Experienced Wage Erosion in Nearly Every State

Homeland Security is seeking a national license plate tracking system

How Big Banks Are Cashing In On Food Stamps

5 of the strangest lawsuits making headlines 

Will a Minimum Wage Hike Really Cost Jobs-

Angry Residents Wave Pitchforks, Torches In Protest Of Mayor's Crackdown On Homelessness

Train accidents stir worries about crude transport

JP Morgan Banker Jumps to his Death From Hong Kong Skyscraper

February 18, 2014

Here's Why Foreign Investors Are Trying to Buy American Farmland

After Historic UAW Defeat at Tennessee Volkswagen Plant, Theories Abound

'Joe the Plumber' Wurzelbacher gets union job with Chrysler Group

Businesses Going Into “All Surveillance All the Time” Mode in Pursuit of More Productivity 

Making Retirements Less Secure

What can unite liberals and tea partyers- The NSA

Corporate Cronyism- The Secret to Overpaid CEOs

Obama to take next step in fuel efficiency for trucks

February 17, 2014

VW works council says will pursue labor representation at U.S. plant

Crossing Borders and Changing Lives, Lured by Higher State Minimum Wages

Pay Pals

Small-firm lawyer takes on Wall Street and wins, twice

Abba admit outrageous outfits were worn to avoid tax

Sophisticated but low-tech power grid attack baffles authorities

Historic election brings outside interference in the vote of Chattanooga Volkswagen workers

Momentum Builds to Stop Fast Track Trade Deals, Thanks to You

California's New 'Dust Bowl'- "It's Gonna Be a Slow, Painful, Agonizing Death" For Farmers

February 14, 2014

Retirement privatization could cost workers millions 

No Fast Track to TPP- Fix NAFTA First

Obama Lashes Out At Republicans Over Volkswagen-UAW Organizing Fight

Tipped workers push for a raise after more than 20 years at $2.13

Teamsters Celebrate, Remember James R. Hoffa

Teamsters' 4-year contract with Allegheny County doesn't include retroactive raises

The elephant in the room

Carriage horses focus of cruelty debate

Critics blast Arizona superintendent for promoting private schools

New Hampshire low-wage workers- We need help to buy basics

Koch brothers bombard vulnerable Senate Democrat Kay Hagan

As Obama Meets Neighbors, Nafta Critics Warn Over New Trade Deal

Cold weather chills retail sales, jobless claims up

How Comcast Buying Time Warner Cable Could Impact You — And The Entire Entertainment Industry

How ALEC Helps Big Telecom Change State Laws for Corporate Gain

Communities With More Walmart Stores Also Have More Crime

Unemployment rate crosses 28% threshold, reaching new high

February 13, 2014

Washington Twp. cops might go union

Union Negotiations Continue at Beverly's Armstrong Plant

Collective Bargaining- How to Negotiate Strong Teamster Contracts

Pelosi comes out against fast track bill

Crowley Opposes Fast Track

Tennessee Paper Pushes Koch-Connected Anti-Union Message Ahead Of UAW Vote

U.S. senator drops bombshell during VW plant union vote

Assembly committee takes up bill tossing some "living wage" ordinances

States, U.S. Forfeit Billions in Corporate Tax Revenue Annually

How California’s Worsening Drought Could Make Your Grocery Bill Spike

This Is What It Looks Like When 100,000 Gallons Of Coal Waste Spill Into A West Virginia Stream

Lawsuit Calls Government’s Sweetheart Deal With JP Morgan ‘Unlawful’

Former Enron Trader Funding PBS Series On Pensions

What the jobless do when the benefits end

February 12, 2014

Salt and plow truck drivers ratify contract that avoided strike

CCTA Workers Vote Down Contract, Strike Looms

The Latest Attack on Public Sector Unions- Paycheck Protection in Pennsylvania and Missouri

Tenn. lawmakers issue incentive threat in VW union move

How Tennessee Papers Are Helping The Anti-Union Fight

Labor Battle at Kellogg Plant in Memphis Drags On

2013 Trade Data Show Why Fast Tracking a TPP NAFTA Expansion Is a Very Bad Idea

Business groups want early TPP

A Walmart Worker Explains Why Walmart's Customer Service Is Horrible

States Crack Down On Corporate Tax Loophole While Congress Does Nothing

February 11, 2014

Contract Negotiations Continue at Bay Valley Foods 

North Carolina’s Moral Monday Movement Kicks Off 2014 With a Massive Rally in Raleigh

Committee sides with special interests over families

Tennessee legislators threaten to withhold incentives if VW workers choose UAW

Why Volkswagen is helping a union organize its own plant

Lights Out for NSA- Maryland Lawmakers Push to Cut Water, Electricity to Spy Agency Headquarters

Barclays to cut 12,000 jobs, pays bigger bonuses

The Threat Of Defaulting On U.S. Debt And Other Crises Have Cost 750,000 Jobs

Walmart’s Labor Practices Backfire

Man Fired After Employer Learns of Trespassing Misdemeanor 40 Years Ago

The Company Behind West Virginia's Chemical Spill Skips Congressional Hearing

5 “entitlements” for the wealthy that make things worse for everyone else

February 10, 2014

Vt. lawmakers balk at no-media trade talks

Obama signs farm bill that trims food stamps

If You Thought You Couldn't Go To Jail For Debt Anymore, You're Wrong

Chinese Official Made Job Plea to JPMorgan Chase Chief

Suspicious Death of JPMorgan Vice President, Gabriel Magee, Under Investigation in London

Tapering of Quantitative Easing Is Throwing Emerging Markets into Chaos - And Big Banks Are Getting Richer

Decades of Greed- Behind the Scenes With An Angry Walmart Manager

Crybabies of the 1 Percent- The Rich Complain While Getting Away With Everything

Group- Bangladesh Workers Threatened Over Union

Author- When It Comes To High-Speed Internet, U.S. 'Falling Way Behind'

Subway Takes Chemical Out of Sandwich Bread After Protest

Right-to-work push

February 7, 2014

Senate Fails to Pass Three-Month Extension of Jobless Aid

Fast-Track Bill’s Path in Congress Gets Bumpier

Annual U.S. trade deficit with China sets new record in 2013

Why Walmart is getting too expensive for the middle class

Elizabeth Warren- Let's Stop Scamming Our Vets

The Top Priority in the Missouri State Legislature- Lowering Your Wages

Duke Energy plant reports coal-ash spill

Candidate opposes right-to-work step

Vermont Students, Workers Object to Tuition Dollars Being Used to Fund Poverty Wages

February 6, 2014

Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224 and Silver Airways Partner to Begin Addressing Pilot Shortage

CN conductors' strike averted after company and Teamsters union reach new tentative labour agreement

Court of Appeals Hands Victory to U.S. Workers

Labor board tries again to change union rules

Biden- Unions 'only guys keeping the barbarians at the gate'

Over 1 in 6 Men in Prime Working Years Don’t Have a Job

Korea Passes ‘U-Turn’ Law With Generous Incentives For Companies To Bring Manufacturing From China Back To Korea

Top UK Regulator- People Have Good Reason Not to Trust Currency Rates Set By Big Banks

Just before Lac-Mégantic, railways sought to reduce inspections

That’s cold, Whole Foods- Polar vortex firing spurs Chicago strike

Turkish Unionists- 'We Are Not Terrorists'

Judge Markson Declares Administrative Code Unconstitutional, Dismisses Charges

CCA to pay Idaho $1 million for understaffing privately run Idaho prison

January 5, 2014

Allegheny County, Teamsters reach tentative contract for road workers

Momentum building against Fast Track; thank you, Teamsters!

Corporations See an Income Divide, So Why Doesn’t Congress-

Right-to-work would be an unnecessary and divisive fight in Ohio- editorial

Vermont Becomes 12th State With Legislation Targeting NSA Spying

Trade deal is bad for working Americans

Tea Party teams with union leaders to fight Obama’s trade plan

The Farm Bill Still Gives Wads of Cash to Agribusiness. It's Just Sneakier About It.

Only About One-Third of Labor Force Dropouts Will Return

Welcome Relief for Homeowners, Then the Tax Bill

nurse was fired for union organizing

January 4, 2014

'Strongest' union head- Put Sanitation plows on the streets, not private plowers

New York liquor warehousing law in the works, may cost small dealers big

De Blasio’s horse-carriage ban stalls

YRC announces $300 million debt reduction plan after Teamsters labor agreement

V & V Supremo Workers Benefit from Teamsters Local 703 Contract

Teamsters Applaud Green Light for Keystone XL Pipeline

Allegheny County workers to strike

States Are Feeling the Pinch from Lost Unemployment Revenues

New National Poll- Voters Blame Lawmakers for Weak Job Growth

2014 stock market selloff intensifies

A Rash of Deaths and a Missing Reporter – With Ties to Wall Street Investigations

Businesses gather more information than they need from consumers

VW Workers to Decide Whether to Join UAW

February 3, 2014

Maryland Joins Continent-Wide Protests Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Unjust Trade

Globalists Panic; New Details on 'One World' Trade Deal

Fast track stopped, but is it dead-

Coming to a Post Office Near You- Loans You Can Trust-

After crash, call for closer oversight of truckers

Old idea for new rail safety problem- slow down trains carrying crude

The "Skills Gap" Is a Convenient Myth

The Rise of 'Insourcing' Gives Internet Companies a New Way to Exploit Workers

January 31, 2014

UPS Local 135 Rider Passes

Hoffa Praises Bill to Discourage Excessive CEO Pay

Teamsters Win First Contract at Kennedy Space Center

Teamsters, Fast Track opponents making an impact. You can too.

Applications are now being accepted for the JRHMSF

Lunches seized from kids in debt at Salt Lake City elementary

The Danish Government Nearly Collapsed Today Over A Deal With Goldman Sachs

Beer buzz- FAA grounds plan to deliver 12-packs by drone

Tentative contract for 3000 CN workers rejected

Obama's NLRB Rattles Employers by Ordering Printer to Keep Union

January 30, 2014

Pilots And Union Leaders Express Safety Concerns At Allegiant Air

Whitney Foods Workers Join Teamsters Local 703

Collective Bargaining- How to Negotiate Strong Teamster Contracts

New poll shows voters overwhelmingly oppose Fast Track

Reid Deals Body Blow to Obama on Trade

Fight back against currency manipulation

Fortune 50 CEO pay vs. our salaries

Fun With Scary Pension Numbers in Chicago

January 29, 2014

Pennsylvania Think Tank Plans to 'Slay' Unions, Like in Wisconsin

YRC Says Pact With Teamsters Satisfies Refinancing Conditions

NYC carriage drivers say electric cars not like horses

The Techtopus- How Silicon Valley’s most celebrated CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers’ wages

Let Banks Fail Is Iceland Mantra as 2% Joblessness in Sight

One-Third of Americans Who Were Middle Class in 2008 Now Consider Themselves Lower or Lower Middle Class

The cities where the American Dream goes to die

Almost Half The Country Wants To Boot Their Own Member Of Congress

West Virginia’s Chemical Spill Was Larger Than Previously Reported, Company Reveals

Grad Students Reunionize

College football players want to join union

Ill. labor unions sue over plan to cut pensions

January 28, 2014

First Student School Bus Workers Join Teamsters Local 332

Growing Film Industry Brought Record $358M to Illinois in 2013

Life Is Worse In Right-To-Work States

Tax-Free Gifts Quadrupled in US When Congress Raised Limit

In Global Trade, China Plays by Its Own Rules

Killing the Economy

Justice Department Inquiry Takes Aim at Banks’ Business With Payday Lenders

Rough Patch for Uber Service’s Challenge to Taxis

NJ Moves to Privatize Toll Collectors

January 27, 2014

Teamsters at YRCW Approve Agreement Aimed At Saving 30,000 Jobs

 YRC Wins Key Refinancing Ingredient With Teamsters Vote

Report- Bucking trend, Wisconsin union membership grows

Don't fast track a polluters' bill of rights

hr and Docked Pay if We Gain 5 lbs.

Does America need unions- An ex-Wall Streeter says yes

401(k) Breaches Undermining Retirement Security for Millions

Snowden- The NSA is also engaged in industrial espionage

W. Va. company ordered to remove tanks after spill

January 17, 2014

Identity thieves gear up to steal your tax refund

W.Va. Spill Latest Case of Coal Tainting US Waters

YRC Worldwide reaches tentative deal with Teamsters union

YRC Worldwide, Inc. (YRCW)- YRC Worldwide spikes 10.6% AH ...

Trade leak feeds Democratic insurgency

Teamsters Call On Gate Gourmet To Protect Workers

Advocates for Workers Raise the Ire of Business

Wall Street Mega Banks Own Tankers, Pipelines, Utilities, Mines, Metal Warehouses – And That’s Not the Worst of It

United Continental to furlough 685 flight attendants

Gov't Charges Wal-Mart With Labor Violations

My Doctor Can Disclose My Medical Records to the NSA Without My Authorization

You'll Be Shocked at What 'Surveillance Valley' Knows About You

NC Republicans Raise Taxes on Working Families While Giving Huge Tax Breaks to Millionaires and Corporations

Florida Isn't Apologizing For Lax Oversight At Abusive Youth Prisons

Senators Raise Concerns About Fast Track at Hearing

January 16, 2014

YRC Resumes Talks With Teamsters, After Contract Offer Rejected

YRC shares rebound as talks restart with Teamsters

Hoffa- Congress Needs to Help Put People Back to Work

NAFTA’s Trail of Destruction

Make Wealthy Pay Social Security Taxes on Their Full Salaries -- and Retirement Benefits Could Likely Be Expanded for All

Leaked Walmart Documents Reveal Propaganda Campaign to Fight Workers Attempting to Organize

Walmart Is Facing Claims That It Fired Protesters

J.C. Penney closing 33 stores, cutting 2,000 jobs

NSA Says It Can’t Search Its Own Database To See If It Spied On Congress

Colorado Legislator Introduces Bill to Ban Collective Bargaining

January 15, 2014

Teamsters Support Military Veterans

The Koch Boys set their sights on Pennsylvania to Break Labor & Democrats

In 15 states, deeply underwater foreclosures still reign

Burns Lake families support NDP's call for probe of 'bungled' mill blast investigation

Chicago Horse Carriage Operator Slams Proposed NYC Ban

Senate blocks jobless aid

Fast Track to Poverty

January 14, 2014

UPS Freight Teamsters Approve 5-Year Pact

After 2 strikes and 18 months, school bus drivers approve contract

WV- Freedom Industries Has Ties to Koch Brothers

Lack of oversight questioned in West Virginia chemical spill

Boeing Goes to Pieces

GOP lawmakers propose allowing 7-day work week in Wisconsin

Florida House panel votes to ban new red-light cameras

An Investment Manager's 2014 Update on the Top 1%

New report says millions of women at risk of falling into poverty, economic ruin

Now Neiman Marcus appears to have been hacked, too

Now We Know- JPMorgan Chase Is Worse Than Enron

Unseasonably harsh weather kept a quarter of a million Americans home from work last month

January 13, 2014

Teamsters end rally against Tappan Zee Bridge builder

Ed Emery- Right to work would mean lower wages for Missourians

U.S. Politicians Want to Fast-Track the Super-Secret, Super-Controversial TPP

Ford “Know[s] Everyone Who Breaks the Law” Using Cars They Made — Why Aren’t They Doing Something About It-

Honeywell under investigation for Chinese-made parts in US warplanes

West Virginia chemical spill causes huge disruption for residents

Meet Freedom Industries, the Company Behind the West Virginia Chemical Spill

Data Breaches- Target, Neiman Marcus

Surveillence of Citizens Is ALWAYS Aimed at Crushing Dissent

Private equity and Washington- A love story

CN Rail says beavers, rain to blame for Burnaby derailment

You're Likely Eating Seafood That Came into the US Illegally (And Here's Why That's Really Bad)

January 11, 2014

YRC Worldwide Inc - United States - YRC WORLDWIDE explores ...

Teamsters Joint Council 16 Applauds Governor Cuomo's Signing of New York State Commercial Goods Industry Fair Play Act

Teamster horse carriage drivers carry on the fight...

20 years of NAFTA show why TPP must be stopped

300,000 Without Water After Coal Industry Chemical Spill In W. Virginia

How the Big Cell Phone Companies Are Getting Away with Ripping You Off Each Month

Swiss Bank Helped 400 Americans Dodge Taxes On $600 Million

January 10, 2014

A vote in anger

YRC, lenders cancel their meeting

Union rejects YRC proposal linked to crucial debt plan

YRC Worldwide Inc - YRC Worldwide falls after union rejects contract

Teamsters Reject Contract, Raising Bankruptcy Fears for YRC ...

Hoffa- Fast-Track Bill Will Take Congress, Public Out of Process

Millionaires' Club- For First Time, Most Lawmakers are Worth $1 Million-Plus

Bank of America employs 20 full-time social media spies, watches anarchists and occupy protesters

Why Poverty Is A Much Bigger Problem Than The Government Thinks

January 9, 2014

Teamsters overwhelmingly reject YRC contract extension

Charleston County school bus operator suing Teamsters union

YRC Worldwide – YRCW Stock Plummets More Than 20%

McKeesport, Teamsters reach contract agreements

Macy’s Plans to Lay Off 2,500, Though Its Holiday Sales Were Up

Calls from unemployed workers overwhelm state phone system

January 8, 2014

Teamster UPS Freight Local Union Leaders Recommend New Tentative Agreement

Retirement Shouldn’t Be Sacrificed for Corporate Welfare

Scalia’s golden chance to kill unions

Senate moves ahead with measure to extend long-term unemployment benefits

Leaked Email Exposes Bank Of America's Social Media Spies

JP Morgan Pulled $275 Million Of Its Own Money From Madoff Feeder Funds Months Before His Arrest

The U.S. Government Uses Sweatshops, Too

America declared an ‘unconditional war on poverty’ 50 years ago, but you’d never know it

Workplace Deaths Among Miners Rose In 2013

Here’s Why Some Of The World’s Billionaires Dislike Pope Francis

Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants To Take Away Workers’ Weekends

January 7, 2014

Teamsters Urged To Boycott Yuengling Beer

Hampton selectmen, Teamsters reach tentative contract agreement

Why the U.S. Oil Boom may go off the Rails

Exclusive- Permit Shows Bakken Shale Oil in Casselton Train Explosion Contained High Levels of Volatile Chemicals

Forever Temp-

JPMorgan Nears $2 Billion Deal Over Involvement With Madoff

French workers at Goodyear tyre plant take bosses captive

January 6, 2014

Better Than Expected US Economic Data

Meet the Americans Who've Lost Their Unemployment Benefits- "I'm Thoroughly Petrified"

The New Financial Scam Driving Workers Deep Into Debt

How Many Constitutional Rights Have Americans Lost-

Proof that offshore banking is the key to embezzling billions

TAFTA- 'The Global Corporate Coup', Part Two

Chinese dam builders rush to Latin America

Right-to-work laws do nothing to increase jobs

January 3, 2014

Hoffa- Just Like With NAFTA, Fast Track is the Wrong Track for TPP

WORKFORCE- YRC vote results coming soon

Teamsters Local 553 Fights to Protect NYC Horse-Drawn Carriages

Court Beefs Up Protections for Workers Injured By Chemicals

Senate Democrats plan to reinstate lost unemployment benefits

Home, Sweet (Privatized Military) Home

The “middle class” myth- Here’s why wages are really so low today

Retirement unlikely for some Americans

Loan Monitor Is Accused of Ruthless Tactics on Student Debt

Congress just let 55 tax breaks expire

Walmart Recalls Donkey Meat In China Because It Contained Fox

Fiat shares jump after deal to buy rest of Chrysler, but unions worry about jobs in Italy

January 2, 2014

Teamsters end trusteeship of Local 118

McKesson CEO, 198 others, pay Social Security tax ...

Little Holiday Cheer for IKEA Workers

50 Is the New 65- Older Americans Are Getting Booted from Their Jobs -- and Denied New Opportunities

Overthrow the Speculators

The Life of a Fast-Food Worker

The Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013

December 30, 2013

After long struggles, new page for local Teamsters

Service Corporation International - Teamsters Local 727 Updates on ...

Antiques to replace NYC horse carriages

Charts- The Worst Long-Term Unemployment Crisis Since the Depression

Elizabeth Warren- It's the Right of Every American to Retire with Dignity -- Why We Must Expand Social Security

Wis. teachers refuses award from Paul Ryan during MLK ceremony- 'Lackey for the 1%'

“Honey, I Shrunk Killed the Middle Class”

Why China is stepping up its presence in Detroit auto industry

France’s Hollande Gets Court Approval for 75% Millionaire Tax

December 27, 2013

Refinery news- Minnesota Northern Tier workers may strike Dec. 31 ...

December 26, 2013

Is This Deal a Game-Changer for YRC Worldwide-

December 25, 2013

YRC Reaches Agreement to Reduce Debt by $300 Mln.

Corrections officers vote for union at Montgomery County Prison

December 24, 2013

YRC Worldwide cuts deal with noteholders to reduce debt

YRC Worldwide reaches debt reduction agreement

U.S. Flouts Its Own Advice in Procuring Overseas Clothing

PBS Drops a Bombshell on the Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday Party

Holiday sales down for third week

Retail Traffic Plunges By "Staggering" 21% In Week Before Christmas

Phoenix Becomes First City To End Chronic Homelessness Among Veterans

December 23, 2013

NFTA officials announce union contract

YRC Sees Interest Savings Up to 33% as Teamsters Vote Nears (1)

Teamsters Seek Court Order to Restore Status Quo at Allegiant Air

YRC Worldwide Reaches Agreement to Reduce Debt by $300 Million

Supreme Court Schedules January Vote on Mexico Petition

50 educators sign letter to Catholic University protesting Koch Foundation’s $1 million gift

US Treasury signs anti-tax evasion pacts with six jurisdictions

The death of the American Dream in a single image

December 20, 2013

Teamsters seek court order to restore status quo at Allegiant Air

UPS Freight and UPS Parcel Teamsters to Vote Next Month

County Highway workers get new contract

Clock ticking for Cuomo to weigh on delivery drivers

December 19, 2013

Teamsters, UPS Freight to meet Jan. 6 to discuss imminent contract ...

Montgomery County Correctional Officers Join Teamsters

December 18, 2013

Delta Dental of California Union Members Approve New Five-year ...

Teamsters- Protesters Slam UNFI & Whole Foods For Destroying ...

Teamsters Endorse Fisker's Plan to Reopen Delaware GM Plant

Teamsters Local 213 rejects latest proposal from Richmond IKEA

Sysco Eats US Foods, Teamsters Left Hungry

DETROIT- Teamsters change policy in wake of Right to Work suit by ...

Locked Out Teamsters Buy 'Christmas Carol' Tickets For Corporate ...

December 17, 2013

New Sikorsky Contract Has Pay Raises, Benefit Increases

Northern Tier Refinery Workers Vote To Strike

GES Exposition Services Threatens Chicago's Convention Business

Global solidarity as unions at international ports support locked-out ...

Philly corrections officers vote to unionize

Montco prison officers vote for union

US Foods Deal

December 16, 2013

KC Teamsters- Most don't support new YRC deal

Sikorsky union approves four-year deal

Indiana Judge Dismisses Unions From Burned Man's Suit

December 13, 2013

MLSE workers go on strike

Rite Aid talks contract with Poca warehouse workers

Air Canada Centre workers strike

Teamsters Announce Formation Of Pennsylvania Law Enforcement ...

December 12, 2013

No IKEA decorations on my Christmas tree

Teamsters Local elect new leaders

Teamsters stage protest over end-of-year bonus

December 11, 2013

Union solidarity now part of Ikea dispute

UPS Teamsters Inch Closer to Approving Contract

Union agrees to follow 'the laws of the State of Michigan and the ...

Michigan Union Invokes Slavery in Argument Against Right-to-Work ...

December 10, 2013

Talks break down again in IKEA dispute

It's Time to End the Secrecy Surrounding TPP

Teamsters Call On Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan To Stop Abuse ...

YRC says its continuing to execute refinancing strategy

December 9, 2013

Union concessions gain ground

Vero Beach, Teamsters union reach stalemate over proposed salary ...

Struggling YRC Worldwide lobbies Teamsters union to alter, extend ...

YRC's unionized workers face another moment of truth

YRC Jumps Most in 4 Weeks as Teamsters Set Vote on Givebacks (2)

Darigold, Teamsters Local 117 reach contract settlement

Skeptical YRC employees voting on five-year wage concession ...

Teamsters to Vote on YRC Worldwide Contract Proposal in January ...

Teamsters Deal Brings Flexibility, Value to ABF

December 6, 2013

A-B InBev makes progress in negotiations with Teamsters

Winter weather drives YRC, union to meet by phone

Fast food workers to strike in 100 cities tomorrow

December 5, 2013

Leamington staff reject pay increase

Allegheny court employees union files unfair labor practice lawsuit

Conservative group ALEC pushes stealth tax on homeowners who install solar panels

It’s not just fast-food workers who are underpaid

Tax breaks for CEOs pay for million-dollar salaries

2 Million Stolen Facebook, Yahoo And Google Passwords Posted Online

Truck with radioactive load stolen

December 4, 2013

2014 Teamsters Leadership Academy (TLA) Course Summary

ALEC lies again, tries to hold on to shrinking membership

Judge- Detroit eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Missouri Extremists Get an Early Start on Attacking Working Families for 2014 Legislative Session

Fast food CEOs exploit despicable tax loophole

Race to the Bottom- Declining State Corporate Tax Rates

As Hospital Prices Soar, a Single Stitch Tops $500

December 3, 2012

Iron Mountain Drivers Choose Teamster Representation

Massachusetts Highway Workers Choose Teamsters

Unemployment benefits will soon expire for 1.3 million workers. Where will they go-

Justices won't hear appeal of NY internet taxation

Major Corporations Employ Former U.S. Intelligence Agents As Spies

Enron’s revenge- Forget about retirement

November 2, 2013

 Commuter train derailment kills 4 in NYC

Amazon Reveals It Wants To Deploy Delivery Drones. No Joke.

Hardships pile up as Ikea-vs.-Teamsters dispute drags on at Richmond store

Wage Strikes Planned at Fast-Food Outlets

How Walmart Shortchanges Employees Who Work Thanksgiving

November 20, 2013

YRC Worldwide not after more pay cuts, union group says

Allegiant Air sued by US labour union

Non-Union Contractors Hit with $400k Fine in Deadly Philly Building Collapse

Japan Pitches Its High-Speed Train With An Offer To Finance

Wall Street Boom Doesn’t Lessen Workers’ Gloom

Health official blames cancellations on insurers

FCC announces plans to upgrade century-old phone system

GM re-enters small-pickup market with Colorado

November 19, 2013

36-Hour Strike Targets Trucking Companies at LA and Long Beach Ports

Congress May Have Just Killed The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Teamsters Strike Leads to Skechers

Walmart Store Holding Thanksgiving Food Drive For Its Own Workers

Walmart Workers on Strike

Enormous, Humongous China Trade Deficit Breaks Record — Again

38 Million Retirees Join Workers and Consumers to Say No to "Trade" Deal Terms that Would Make Medicine More Expensive

Obama’s Secrecy Is Hurting Free-Trade Talks

Reality TV’s worker scandal- Shows accused of stealing millions in wages

Elizabeth Warren urges expansion of Social Security

Republicans and Democrats to work together to gut Social Security, pass Chained CPI, without CALLING it a "grand bargain"

November 18, 2013

BREAKING- Truckers Who Haul For Wal-Mart And Forever 21 Plan Surprise Strikes Today

November 13, 2013

Cab Drivers and Teamsters Shut Down Taxi Commission Meeting ...

YRC Worldwide seeks more concessions to avoid bankruptcy

Who will secure the futures of retirees-

Video- Taxi Drivers Rally at Freedom Plaza, Wilson Building

D.C.Taxi Drivers File Lawsuit, Demand Apology

Wal-Mart to give employees turkey dinner for working Thanksgiving, but analyst says company can afford to give raises

The Trans-Pacific Partnership- A Threat to Global Public Health

The 40-Year Slump

Elizabeth Warren- 'Too Big To Fail' Is Worse Than Before Financial Crisis

4 Creeping Ways Capitalism Is Killing Us

Fed Official- Wall Street Still Thinks It Is Above The Law

Union rallies to protest right-to-work

November 12, 2013

YRC to Teamsters- Make a deal or else

Unless Social Security Is Expanded with Increased Funding, We Face An Unprecedented Crisis of Millions of Baby Boomers In Poverty

Elites Shouldn’t Be Getting Handouts at the Expense of Workers

HealthCare.gov Enrollment Falls Far Short of Target

Teamsters back Katz, Lenfest in Inky fight

Teamsters Union ad criticizes Ill. sheriff on jail staffing, spending

Cab Driver Union Sues Over Mandates

Is the Teamsters Union to Blame for YRC's Troubles-

November 11, 2013

A Fight Builds Over Multi-Employer Pensions

Anheuser-Busch, Local 267 Teamsters begin contract talks

New Three-Year Contract for Teamsters at Hershey Medical Center

Is There Any Hope Left for YRC Worldwide-

November 8, 2013

YRC Seeks New Labor Contract Until 2019

Global Labour Leaders Vow Action in Richmond Ikea Fight

Wegmans, Teamsters announce deal

Workers Battle With Grocery Chains Over Obamacare Implementation

Boston Parking Workers Ratify Historic Contract

Senate Republicans Take Aim At Working Americans

Talks Begin Between A-B InBev, Teamsters

A Message to our Active-Duty Military and Veterans from Jim Hoffa

November 7, 2013

Teamsters and Cabbies Sue City to Stop Impounding Taxis

YRC and Teamsters Meet, More Concessions Expected from Union

YRC Delays Earnings, Plans Teamster Contract Extension Talks ...

Teamsters to vote on Wegmans contract today

RTC, Teamsters end negotiations without new agreement

D.C. Taxi Operators Sue To Stop Fines, Towings

November 6, 2013

YRC Worldwide delays financial report amid labor talks

KC Teamsters leader- YRC officially asks for concessions

Teamsters and Taxi Drivers Sue DC Over Credit Card Readers and ...

Workers Battle With Grocery Chains Over Obamacare Implementation

Teamsters to Vote Again on Wegmans Proposal- Reports

Teamsters urge passage of Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Cardinal Health shareholders reject political contributions proposal

Pension-Plan-Collecting Teamster Is Out of Luck

YRC Surges Most Since May as Union Asked for Refinancing Aid (3)

November 5, 2013

Election Day get out and VOTE

UPS driver wins praise for working 51 years without a crash

YRC Surges as Trucker Seeks Union Concessions in Refinancing Bid

New grocery contract passes by ‘overwhelming majority’

If 'Stop and Frisk' Is Such an Effective Tactic, Why Not Use an Electronic Version on Potentially Corrupt Bank CEOs-

Reich- The American Economy Is Cannibalizing Itself, and We the People Are Going to Pay a Huge Price

One Million K-12 Students Are Homeless

As Pennsylvania Prepares to Fail, Other States Are Not Far Behind

Auto Workers Try a New Angle at Volkswagen

November 4, 2013

YRC Worldwide asks employees' help to refinance debt

Cab Drivers Deliver Letter To Gray, Ask For Impoundment Halt

Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD), Teamsters to start talks

Wegmans, Teamsters Battle On in N.Y.

OSHA Weaknesses Force Workers to Choose- Report Safety Violations, or Keep Their Jobs-

State Department Apologizes for Calling Unionization a Security Threat

Billionaire apologizes for wealth he accumulated 'at expense of workers' and says rich should pay more taxes

U.S. food banks struggle to meet new demand caused by food stamp cuts

November 1, 2013

George Miranda Named to Board of the Global Gateway Alliance

CN has tentative deal with union

Anheuser-Busch InBev, Teamsters to start talks

After Credit Card Debate, Taxi Drivers Unionize

Deep cuts to country's food stamp program kick in as Congress debates more

LIBOR Scandal Heats Up

Israeli planes strike Syrian military base, US official says

Chrysler sales up 11% for 43rd month of gains; Ford jumps 14%

October 31, 2013

ABF officials ecstatic over $55-65 million annual savings in new ...

Teamsters Request Immediate Meeting With Mayor to Discuss Drivers’ Issues

Teamsters members reject Wegmans contract

Washington Cabbies Join Teamsters Union

ABF Freight, Teamsters Ratify 5-Year Labor Agreement

CN Rail, union reach tentative 3-year deal

October 30,, 2013

Teamsters Local 118 members reject Wegmans contract proposal

ABF Teamsters reject strike authorization, averting possible ...

Road Haulage Group ABF Freight System Continues to Negotiate ...

Hundreds of Angry Cab Drivers Ally With Teamsters to Fight Taxi ...

Employees Reject Contract Agreed To By Wegmans and Union

October 29, 2013

Teamsters endorse Senate farm bill on nutrition, dairy

CN Rail talks with union stretch on, still optimistic for deal

Teamsters Hold First Meeting Of D.C. Taxi Operators Association

Will YRC seek extension on labor union concessions-

AB InBev, Teamsters, heading to bargaining table

October 28, 2013

Recall- 222,959 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken salad products

UPS TCI Supplement Passes

America’s Wealthy Are Even Wealthier And Have A New Name- Point-Seveners

International Brotherhood of Teamsters and YRC Worldwide to Meet ...

Teamsters Local 264 elects new leader

The US Is Quietly Losing Its Innovation Edge to China

Another Reason to Hate TPP- It Gives Big Content New Tools to Undermine Sane Digital Rights Policies

Could New York City Subways Survive Another Hurricane-

October 25, 2013

Teamsters score big organizing gains, go “kosher” too!

Op-ed- The Last Days of NYC's Horse-Drawn Carriage Empire are

Missouri First Student School Bus Workers Choose Teamsters
October 24, 2013

DC cab drivers form association with Teamsters

Teamsters to Help Cab Drivers Oppose New Regulations

Teamsters, Republic Airline Representatives Resume Negotiations

Union Ratifies Contract At Yogurt Plant

October 23, 2013

Keeping up the fight at UPS

Gettysburg police union files for arbitration over 2013 wages

NLRB Says Co. Can't Condition Bargaining On Noel Canning

New England, Boston union leader Sean O'Brien facing .
Unions' health gripe

October 21, 2013

EXCLUSIVE- Boston Teamster Boss Says Providence Reform Group ...

Teamsters union optimistic for deal with CN Railway this week

Tea Party Rep. Farenthold To Disabled Vets Hurt By GOP Shut-Down- ‘You have to Make Sacrifices!

Why Democrats Might Cave On Social Security Cuts

How stores use your phone’s WiFi to track your shopping habits

In Greece, wisdom of privatizations under question

Meat So Cheap You Could Die

October 18, 2013

Teamsters to protest Saturday at Skechers' headquarters in ...

Teamsters Stop FMCSA Attack on Truck Drivers

Capitol Hill Needs To Learn Lessons From Shutdown

Chicago Teamsters Secure Five-Year Agreement for Nearly 700 Workers

Suburban Chicago Printers Choose Teamster Power

American Canyon, Teamsters reach employee contract deal

Walmart-contracted warehouse fined for unsafe working conditions

October 17, 2013

12 Crucial Holdouts in the UPS Labor Battle

'Local Union Communications- The Social Art of Educating Members' TLA to be Held December 3-4

Suburban Chicago Printers Choose Teamster Power

U.S. Standard of Living Index Sinks to 10-Month Low 

Fast-Food Giants Make Billions While Their Workers Use Billions In Welfare Benefits

Calif. Governor Signs Prevailing Wage Bill

October 16, 2013

Joy Over Proposed Budget Deal Should Be Short-Lived

Congress could apply a 'haircut' to previously sacrosanct pensions.

Steve Dayan Tops Leo Reed for Teamsters Leadership

CN rail strike or lockout looming

A union against Inquirer publisher


October 15, 2013

DeKalb County Opens Door to Teamsters Representing Sanitation ...

Canada Stocks Fall as US Lawmakers Negotiate Debt-Limit Deal

Teamsters' Contract With DHL Express Fully Ratified After Last Local ...

October 14, 2013

Senate leaders within striking distance of shutdown deal

A Financial Crisis for Workers

Doctor in the House- Teach your daughter about breast cancer

Wegmans, Teamsters Reach Tentative Deal

CN Workers' Union Threaten Strike, Lockout after Talks Fail

UPS Edges Closer to Teamsters Contract Approval



















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