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    The Teamsters have 1.2 Million active members nationwide, what the Teamsters need is 1.2 Million Active members that are registered voters and that get to the polls.  Are you registered to vote? 

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    Updated: Aug. 24 (00:45)
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    From the Desk of Secretary Treasurer Tom Quackenbush

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    As Secretary Treasurer, I am constantly gauging our financial health.  Everything we do is directly related to you, the membership, and that is why it is important to manage our finances with a strong sense of accountability.  Effectively and efficiently managing the Local’s finances so we can continue to provide the best opportunities for all members is my highest priority.

    As we hurtle towards the end of 2018 it is comforting to know that our income and expenses are well-balanced and because of that we certainly have plenty of financial options moving forward.  Despite this, we must always be cautious and not take our healthy financial position for granted by delving into frivolous ventures or making unnecessary expenditures. Sometimes as an organization we feel somewhat pulled in many different directions and that is to be expected because we are a diverse organization.  But it is those diversities that make us who we are and what we are financially committed to.

    So, while we will soon be closing our books for the year and working with auditors to ensure that our financial statements fairly and correctly represent our financial position, we will also be working on new programs that support our diverse membership and making sure they are being accomplished within an approved budget.

    I am proud of the work that is being done by our Local Union.  Please keep yourself informed so you can be proud too.  As always, I look forward to hearing from any member who has any questions, suggestions or comments about our financial health.

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  • First Student Catskill members fight to save jobs!
    Posted On: Jun 07, 2019

    Question:  What is one of the biggest employee concerns when it comes to employment?

    Answer:  Job Security.

    First Student in Catskill employs over 30 Local 294 Teamsters that provides transportation to some of the surrounding school districts.  Every three years the Transportation contract goes out to bid and in 2019 First Student was not awarded the bid.

    "Our members were beside themselves, very concerned about their jobs, paychecks and supporting their families." said Business Agent Rocco Losavio.

    After a diligent investigation by Local 294 and Business Agent Losavio into the low bidder of the contract, it was discovered that this company had a long history of low balling transportation bids and running up the price later or had failed to provide the promised services.

    An appeal was made to the school district with the details of the investigation from Local 294.  The School District, after reviewing the Local's investigation, did an investigation of there own, and shortly after awarded the bid to First Student of Catskill!!!

    "We were told that it was a done deal, that we lost the bid.  Then the day of the School Board meeting we were told First Student was awarded the contract.  Thanks to Rocco fighting for us, we feel our jobs are secure now."  said Colleen Steritt, First Student Shop Steward.

    Great work protecting the jobs of our First Student Catskill members.

    -Teamster Strong

    Shop Steward Collen Steritt,  Cyndi Bilyou, Rocco Losavio and Stephanie Bilyou

  • Teamsters Local 294

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