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    Updated: Feb. 06 (05:15)
    Week Ending 2/3/2023
    Teamsters Local 355
    Week Ending 2/3/2023
    Teamsters Local 570
    Teamsters Honor The Lessons of Black History
    Teamsters Local 570
    Week Ending 2/3/2023
    Teamsters Local 992
    The Threat of Supreme Injustice
    Teamsters Local 570
    The Threat of Supreme Injustice
    Teamsters Local 355

    From the Desk of Secretary Treasurer Tom Quackenbush

    I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe! Our Local has had a lot of challenges this past year and one thing I have learned is that Local 294 Teamsters know how to fight the good fight! I was fortunate to be witness to these “fighters”… members who keep our union strong by stepping out of their daily routine to support their coworkers… many times this year. I am talking about our shop stewards and member leaders who understand that our strength is in our unity and solidarity. These are the members who choose to lead, learn, and stand up for fairness at work. They sit through contract negotiations, dispel anti-union misinformation, and constantly organize their peers for strength. They just seem to inherently know that the next generation of workers depend on today’s Teamsters to keep our union strong … just as we depended on the Teamsters that came before us. Think about it for a moment, every place of employment, at one point, had no union. Workers had to fight to change how things were. They risked their jobs and their families' livelihoods to stand together as one. They demanded that their right to negotiate with the employer for wages, working conditions, and benefits be recognized, and they won their fight. We cannot forget these fights. It is important that we all recognize the hard work and dedication of members who step up and become advocates of our union. This keeps us strong and moves us forward. We cannot forget that we stand on the shoulders of our predecessors and it is our duty to preserve, protect and build upon their efforts.

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  • A Message from President John Bulgaro
    Updated On: Jun 159, 2021
    A Message from President Bulgaro 
    It is hard to believe it is 2021. After a year like no other, a year that has tested us all; we, as brothers and sisters, stood together to fight through the challenges this pandemic has created. We watched coworkers, close friends and family members fall ill and sadly mourned the loss of those taken away. We faced many fears and unknowns along the way, but we persevered. There were times when a brighter future seemed so far away, but now I believe we are finally starting to see a small shred of light at the end of this tunnel. I am pleased to say that the optimism for organized labor is better this year than it has ever been. Recent prolabor decisions at the Nation’s highest level, like the replacement of an anti-union, sitting general counsel at the NLRB and a Secretary of Labor choice who comes right out of the labor movement have all gotten this year off on the right foot. Recent passage of the Butch Lewis Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act of 2021, as part of the American Rescue Plan, will finally allow more than 34,000 Teamster members to rest a little easier. This new legislation will help protect Capital Region Teamsters (and thousands of other Upstate Teamsters) from pension benefit cuts and to avoid future cuts – so our families and retirement security are not put at further risk. This must-pass legislation was a personal goal for US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer since he visited our local office back in 2018. He recognized then that a pension protection package was essential and fought to ensure that it continued to remain alive. As our country now looks to reopen and rebuild after this unprecedented pandemic, maintaining the solvency of the multiemployer pension system is key to economic recovery. While a number of important details are left for later regulatory guidance, which may not be issued for several months, it is important to know that the Trustees of our Pension Fund will closely monitoring legislative developments and the potential impact on the Fund and will update participants oncethey have moreinformation. Our organizing efforts have been more active than ever because this pandemic has put a spotlight on the vulnerability of workers who had no choice but to go to work or lose their paychecks. Now those workers are choosing to organize to voice their complaints about their safety, pay and working conditions. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that our members, new or longstanding, are treated with dignity and receive the pay, benefits, and workplace protections they deserve because we all know this country was not built by CEOs. This country was built by hard-working Americans like our Teamster Local 294 brothers and sisters, who, throughout all the chaos and confusion, continued to provide vital, essential services to keep our economy going. It was all of you that every community could count on to get the essential work done. You showed up consistently to keep roads cleared, waste hauled, students bused, packages (many containing PPE and vaccines) delivered and so much more …when it was needed the most and got the job done! For that I say thank you! So, on that note, we keep moving forward, together, united and hoping for a better 2021 for all

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